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National Drawing Contest

cover drawing contest only
Equine Canada, in collaboration with provincial equestrian associations, is launching this year again a national drawing contest for children between the ages of three and 16 years old.

We invite all children to draw their favourite horse!

Submit all drawings through the online contest portal here.

Contest Rules

The drawing must be on the 8 ½ X 11 sized.

The drawing must be done by hand.

The drawing must have at least one horse and one nature component.

Only 1 entry per person.

Please submit drawings before June 10th 2016.

Judging criteria:

The beauty: does it bring any emotion to the judge?

The balance and arrangement of colors: does the judge like it?

The originality of the overall image: does it make the judge laugh or smile or think you are original?

The effort: will the judge think you really worked hard to achieve it? 

2016 Horse Day drawings submitted