Trail Network Project second meeting in Ottawa

The second meeting of the National Trails Network Project was held on June 14th & 15th in Ottawa. This meeting was hosted by Equine Canada in collaboration with Université de Sherbrooke, and included major stakeholders in the National Trail Community.

During the February 10, 2014 meeting, it was felt that the development of a functional and efficient Canadian Trail Portal was a positive and necessary means to promote Canadian trails in a more cohesive way at the national level.

Participants in the June meetings elaborated on those ideas and defined challenges and benefits that would be faced in tackling such an ambitious project. We identified the possibility of establishing new partnerships between different organizations; a great opportunity to establish new tools to assist both trail users and land managers for informative and safety purposes; and a great resource to encourage Canadians to go outside.

An expert group will be established from participants at the June meetings to work closely with Université de Sherbrooke during the preliminary design stages of this project. This group will offer their expertise in specific relevant areas, and will work together to create a budget and timeline for each step required to make this a success.



Equine Canada Trail Riding and Tourism Program Team Seeks New Members to Represent Trail Riding and Equestrian Tourism Stakeholders.  

Ottawa, ON March 28 2014. – Equine CanadaTrail Riding and Tourism Certification Program Committee, chaired by Recreation, Trails and Tourism Manager, Audrey Lapointe, is looking for volunteer members to enrich discussions related on the future of Canada’s Trail Riding and Equestrian Tourism training program.    

Committee members will be required to participate in approximately 10 meetings per year. To ensure a balanced representation of all related sectors, priority will be given to candidates who possess a deep knowledge and understanding of outdoor activities, experienced Trail Riders, Club representatives, equestrian tourism operator representatives and skills equestrian educators who wish to become involved in the development of this equine industry sector.

Those individual interested in joining the Committee will be required to fill an application form and send in a Letter of Interest. All documents should be submitted by email to Audrey Lapointe before April 30th at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or may be submitted by fax to 1-613-248-3484 or by regular mail to 308 Legget Drive, Ontario, K2K 1Y6



New Trail Riding and Tourism Certification program

Starting June 2014 - For the first time, Equine Canada (EC) will deliver a Trail Riding and Equestrian Tourism certification program across Canada.

EC is currently seeking trail riding and outdoor horseback enthusiasts and adventurers to implement and deliver the program. The first evaluation of certified Guides and Trail Riding Instructors will be held June 2014,  in the eastern provinces, and in September 2014 in the western provinces.  

This evaluation is targeted at experienced Riders, Guides, Outfitters, and Instructors or Coaches looking to teach horsemanship, trail riding, and guiding with a holistic learning approach. The certified Guide/Instructor will be able to deliver these basic lessons to beginners using EC learning material. (Click here to access the learning material)

A Guide to Basic Horsemanship and Trail Riding in Canada is the reference manual that comes with the basic learning levels. The learning plans for the trail riding programs are available on EC's web page. 

Those who succeed in meeting the qualifications for this evaluation will receive a certificate from Equine Canada to demonstrate that they have met the standard to be recognized as competent equestrian tourism Guide and/or trail riding Instructors.

Certification is the only way our equestrian industry has to reach out to the public and promote certified and qualified Guides, Instructors and Coaches for more safety.

More information to come soon.



A Basic Guide to Horsemanship and Trail Riding in Canada  

Febuary 2014, Equine Canada will pre-launch the new reference manual for Trail Ride enthousiasts! A Guide to Basic Horsemanship and Trail Riding in Canada is the perfect tool for all trail riders, no matter if they want to start a certification prorgram or not. Click here to get more information about the program.

Don't miss Equine Canada`s 2014 Convention in Winnipeg! Friday Febuary 7th will be a full day dedicated to equestrian tourism and recreation information sessions. You will also get all the information about the trail riding and Guide certification program.  



Equine Canada creates a new full time manager position for Recreation 

September 2013,  Audrey Lapointe was hired as the first Manager of Recreation, Trails and Tourism for EC. Looking at the world largest equestrian federations structure, this was a innovative decision.

Lapointe, a Quebec native, spent five years working as an educator and has a strong background in equine sport. She is an avid trail rider, and a TREC rider with the secret hopes of returning to her first love, endurance riding. She is also the author of the new Québec à cheval/Equine Canada Learn to Trail, Ride and Guide reference manual and program (to be launched in Februaryl) and has been consulting with us on equestrian tourism since 2011.