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Athlete Ranking

PEC Athlete Ranking List

Para-Equestrian Canada (PEC) has developed a system that ranks athletes in sequential order based on
their performances in specific tests at specific types of competitions to identify the top Para-Dressage
athletes in Canada. The short list consists of the top international riders while the long list is composed of
developmental and national-level riders. The ranking list is updated frequently throughout the year, and is
referenced for purposes of allocating programming and program funding (such as the Athlete Assistance
Program) to riders.

The short-listed riders are ranked based on twelve (12) scores with a minimum of six (6) scores
obtained at an FEI CPEDI event. The long-listed riders are ranked based on six (6) scores obtained at
a national-level (or above) competition. All scores must be obtained within the twelve (12) month period
immediately prior to the date the ranking list is updated.

Note: The criteria for selecting athletes to international team competition is independent of the PEC
ranking criteria/list. 

RANKING CRITERIA  (Effective January 1st, 2014

FR- CRITÈRES DE CLASSEMENT DES ATHLÈTES (En vigueur le 1er Janvier 2014)

Para-Equestrian Canada Short List Ranking
(as of March 1, 2015)
Para-Equestrian Canada Long List Ranking
(as of March 1, 2015)
Rank Rider Name Grade % Rank Rider Name Grade %
1 Lauren Barwick II 73.170 1 Tristiana Allwood
III 69.547
2 Roberta Sheffield III 72.669 2 Nel Godin-Keating 1a 69.020
3 Ashley Gowanlock 1b 69.679 3 Jennifer McKenzie
II 68.776
4 Robyn Andrews 1a 69.204 4 Lynne Poole IV 68.691
5 Jody Schloss 1a 68.937 5 Sarah Cummings III 65.948
        6 Jason Surnoski
1b 64.332
        7 Kim Scott III 61.797
        8 Philip Wright IV 60.600