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Coast-to-Coast classes allow riders the opportunity to compete in a variety of disciplines, including Para-Driving, Combined Jumping and Reining.

Riders are encouraged to compete at their highest riding ability to allow them to develop effective riding skills. Tack and compensating (adaptive) aid restrictions apply to Driving and Jumping classes (Click here to download the approved list of compensating aids). Riders may ride English or Western in classes #1 to #12

All classes are open to both classified and non-classified riders and to those with an intellectual impairment

The entry fee for the introductory classes is $15.00 per class.

Click here for full class list and to download tests


For All Classes Requiring Leaders: (Excluding class 1- The Balance Pattern and Class 14- Combined Jumping 60 cms):Leaders must lead from midway between horse’s shoulder and head, using their outside hand to hold the lead rope at their outside hip with their inside hand flat at their side or across their belly. This indicates to the judge that the leader is not influencing the horse and will only assist in an emergency.

Arena letters are ONLY needed for class #9 (Equitation/Horsemanship class) and for class #13 (Driving). The arena layout for all other obstacle course classes should be as close to 20 meters (65.61 feet) wide and 40 meters (131.2 feet) long as possible.


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