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2013 Short Listed Riders: 

  The 4 riders who competed in the 
2012 Olympic Games:
Ian Millar by Cealy Tetley  1. Ian Millar Perth, ON
 Eric Lamaze by Cealy Tetley 2. Eric Lamaze Schomberg, ON
 Jill Henselwood by Cealy Tetley 3. Jill Henselwood Oxford Mills, ON
 Tiffany Foster by Cealy Tetley 4. Tiffany Foster Schomberg, ON
  The 5th rider named and who travelled 
to the 2012 Olympic Games:
 Yann Candele by Cealy Tetley 5. Yann Candele Caledon, ON
  The top 15 ranked Canadian riders (in order) 
on the FEI Rolex Jumping Riders' World Ranking list, 
not already named above:
 Jonathan Asselin by Cealy Tetley Jonathan Asselin Calgary, AB
 Mac Cone by Cealy Tetley Mac Cone King, ON
 Tamie Phillips by Cealy Tetley Tamie Phillips Strathmore, AB
 Jenn Serek by Cealy Tetley Jenn Serek Calgary, AB
 Francois Lamontagne by Cealy Tetley Francois Lamontagne St-Eustache, QC
 Angela Covert by Cealy Tetley Angela Covert-Lawrence St. Lazare, QC
 Lisa Carlsen by Cealy Tetley Lisa Carlsen Spruce Grove, AB
 Ainsley Vince by Michelle C. Dunn Ainsley Vince Burlington, ON
 Jim Ifko by Spruce Meadows Media Services Jim Ifko Calgary, AB
 Ben Asselin by Spruce Meadows Media Services Ben Asselin  Calgary, AB
 Lauren Hunkin by Cealy Tetley Lauren Hunkin  Kemptville, ON
 Brian Morton by Cansport Brian Morton  Langley, BC
 Tiffany Fong courtesy of Tiffany Fong Tiffany Fong Calgary, AB
 Femke van den Bosch by Robert Bray Femke Van Den Bosch Red Deer, AB
 Tracey Epp courtesy of Tracey Epp Tracey Epp Richmond, BC
Chef d'equipe:

Mark Laskin

Mark Laskin by Cealy Tetley