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Jump Canada Board

Board Responsibilities and Programs

The board is accountable to its stakeholders and to Equine Canada/Sport Division for competent, efficient and effective governance.

Ongoing Board Responsibilities
  • establishment and prioritization of specific Jump Canada goals through a strategic planning process that is summarized in an Operational Plan. This plan provides the blueprint for implementation of the prioritized goals;
  • establishment of a strategic direction for high performance, domestic and other support programs of the jumping discipline, including specific programs and budgets for the administration and operation of these programs;
  • adherence to EC’s Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics by riders, volunteers and all associated support personnel;
  • a comprehensive and coordinated strategy for marketing, communications and media relations, sponsorship, and fundraising. Outputs include media releases, an electronic newsletter and regular internal memos to communicate the direction, recommendations and decisions made by Jump Canada and its committees;
  • sound financial policies and practices that conform to the financial policies of Equine Canada;
  • collection of a Jump Canada levy at EC Gold and Platinum hunter/jumper competitions. Levy funds to be allocated ¬according to the current formula. At least 40% of the levy remitted is returned to the province in which it was collected, to be used for local initiatives. The board will establish a minimum annual payment to every province that collects levy funds;
  • programs for horse and rider development, officials, rules and coaching;
  • owner recognition policies and practices. Annual Jump Canada Owner-of-the-Year Award;
  • recognition of excellence through awards for the Volunteer of the Year, Official of the Year, Sponsor of the Year and winners of Jump Canada and Talent Squad Series;
  • a strategic multi-year plan leading to the Olympics and integrating high performance and domestic programs, including but not limited to: (1) Grand Prix Rider approval of selection criteria for international competitions: CSIOs; World Equestrian Games (WEG); Pan American Games and Olympics. These criteria must conform to FEI, IOC and/or COA standards as appropriate, and must be publicized six months prior to team selection. (2) Development and circulation of policies, procedures and criteria for team selection, including short list and carding, and for selection of Chef(s) d’equipe, veterinarians and farriers. (3) Establishment of competitive development programs such as European experience. (4) Fostering of Team Spirit and Team Unity;
  • appoints and/ or dismisses the Chef(s) d’equipe;
  • annual review and evaluation of (1) the performance and efficiency of the board and its committees, and (2) in consultation with the CEO of EC, the performance and efficiency of the Manager Jumping; and
  • periodic evaluation of the goals established in the strategic planning process.
  • Quorum: The Jump Canada Board follows the Sport Council definition: 51% of regular attendees will constitute a quorum. The Chair, in consultation with the Manager Jumping, will determine the number or regular attendees.
Jump Canada Programs

Current Jump Canada programs include but are not limited to:

1. Athlete Development Program;
2. FEI Children’s Jumping World Final Travel Assistance;
3. Jump Canada Awards: Official; Volunteer, Owner and Sponsor;
4. Jump Canada Bursary;
5. Jump Canada Cup;
6. NAJYRC Travel Assistance;
7. Officials’ Clinic Access Fund;
8. RAWF Travel Assistance;
9. Riders’ European Tours;
10. Talent Squad Series;
11. Venue Development Fund; and
12. Hunter Classic Series.