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2014 JC JCMF stradling
Haley Stradling of Aldergrove, B.C., won the 2014 Jump Canada Medal Final on
November 11, during the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, ON.
Photo Credit - Cealy Tetley  

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For Competition Organizers:
Jump Canada Medal Program Application

What is it?

The Jump Canada Medal is a hunter equitation class held at Equine Canada sanctioned competitions. There are two phases; over fences (height of 3’6”) and a flat phase.

How is it judged?
The over fences phase is worth 60% of the final score and the flat phase is worth 40%. All riders who completed the over fences, or a minimum of eight, shall be called back to perform on the flat.

What are the rider requirements?
All riders competing in the Jump Canada Medal must be a junior and hold an Equine Canada Gold Sport License.

How do you qualify for the National Finals?
The top 25 riders from across Canada will qualify to compete at the Jump Canada Medal National Finals (riders must have competed in at least 3 JC Medals annually to qualify).

The following number of riders are accepted from each Region:
British Columbia - 5 riders
Prairie - 5 riders
Ontario - 10 riders
Atlantic - 5
In the event a rider cannot compete, the next rider on the list, provided they have earned points in the qualifiers, will be accepted. Should any region not have five qualified entries, then the next qualified rider from the Ontario list will be accepted, followed by the next qualified rider from the Quebec list, and so on to 25 riders total.

  Atlantic Ontario Prairie British Columbia
1  Dannie Murphy  Christine Carlsen  Katrina Komitsch  Kassidy Keith
2  Ludovic Richer  Lexi Ray  Kaelyn Kennedy  Megan Champoux
3  Ariane Gosselin  Mackenzie Wray  Hailey Dyck  Chloe Lane
4  Arianne Brabant  Anna Bremermann  Madison Hilderman  Ashley Arnoldt
5  Alyssa Maceachern  Mackenzey Nadeau  Shaelynn Enders  Taylor McManus
6    Emma Seger    
7    Shae Lynn Beiersdorfer    
8    Heather Musson    
9    Vanessa French    
10    Sophia Tauro    

Where can I find further information?
Please see Equine Canada rules, Section G articles G1105 and G1106 for complete rules and criteria.