Canadian Show Jumping Team Set for CSIO 4* Coapexpan FEI Furusiyya Nations’ Cup™

Ottawa, ON, April 26, 2016 – Equine Canada is pleased to announce the Canadian Show Jumping Team representing Canada in the Furusiyya FEI ....

Canadian Junior Team Takes Sixth in Nations’ Cup at CSIO 4* Winter Equestrian Festival

Ottawa, ON, March 7, 2016 – The Canadian Junior Team took sixth place in the Hollow Creek Farm Junior Nations’ Cup, held March 5 during ....

Canadian Competitions Dominate Top Three Spots in NARG Top 25 Horse Shows of 2015

Ottawa, ON, March 3, 2016 – Canadian Show Jumping competitions dominated the top three spots in the North American Riders Group (NARG) Top....

Next Generation of Canada’s Show Jumping Stars Set for CSIO 4* Winter Equestrian Festival

Ottawa, ON, March 1, 2016 – Equine Canada has announced the Canadian Children and Junior riders set to compete in week eight of the CSIO 4....

Canadian Show Jumping Athletes Ready to Take On CSIO 4* Winter Equestrian Festival

Ottawa, ON, Feb. 29, 2016 – Equine Canada is pleased to announce the Canadian Show Jumping Team riders who will represent the maple leaf i....

Christian Sorensen Joins the Ranks of Canadian High Performance 1 Certified Coaches

As of early 2016, another High Performance 1 Certified Coach has been added to the ranks of Canada’s world-class coaches.

Amy Millar Leads Canadian Charge in Furusiyya Nations’ Cup

Ocala, Florida, Feb. 19, 2016 – The Canadian Show Jumping Team comprised of Mac Cone of King City, ON, Amy and Jonathon Millar of Perth, O....

Canada Takes Second in Artisan Farms Under 25 Team Event Grand Prix

Ottawa, ON, Feb. 6, 2016 – Canada earned a hard-fought spot on the podium, finishing second against 17 teams, in the Artisan Farms Under 2....

Canada’s Up-and-Coming Riders Ready for Artisan Farms Under 25 Team Event Grand Prix

Ottawa, ON, Feb. 2, 2016 – Equine Canada has announced the athletes who will represent Team Canada in the Artisan Farms Under 25 Team Even....

In Memoriam – Mill Creek Raphael (1990-2015)

Ottawa, ON, Jan. 6, 2016 – Former Canadian Show Jumping Team horse Mill Creek Raphael died on December 27, 2015, at the age of 25.
Athlete of the Month Award (2003 to present)

'Athlete of the Month' Award (2003 to present)

Cavalor 'Athlete of the Month' Awards

CAVALOR Inc. is the exclusive North American licensee of the CAVALOR brand and the CAVALOR products from Nutriquine NV. CAVALOR Inc.'s mission is to organize and manage the distribution of CAVALOR products, promote the brand, and establish partnerships to locally manufacture the CAVALOR products, all in North America. For over 20 years, Nutriquine NV (a Belgian company) has been a pioneer in equine nutrition. In close cooperation with veterinarians, scientists and specialists of the equestrian sports, Nutriquine has developed,
under the brand name CAVALOR, a complete line of supplements, care and feed products to address the diverse needs and requirements of top sport horses and breeding stables. CAVALOR products are distributed and used by many champions in 45 countries around the world. CAVALOR, when the result counts!

For more information on CAVALOR, please visit

Month Year Recipient
December 2012 Francois Lamontagne
November 2012 Jill Henselwood
October 2012 Ainsley Vince
September 2012 Yann Candele
August 2012 Ian Millar
July 2012 Mac Cone
June 2012 Tiffany Foster
May 2012 Ben Asselin
April 2012 Ian Millar
March 2012 Chris Pratt
February 2012 Jordan Macpherson
January 2012 Ashley Keary
December 2011 Eric Lamaze
November 2011 Angela Covert-Lawrence
October 2011 Jonathan Asselin
September 2011 Eric Lamaze
August 2011 Sarah Johnstone
July 2011 Jill Henselwood
June 2011 Chris Pratt
May 2011 Eric Lamaze
April 2011 Eric Lamaze
March 2011 David Arcand
February 2011 Ainsley Vince
January 2011 John Pearce
December 2010 Rachel Schnurr
November 2010 Ainsley Vince
October 2010 Eric Lamaze
September 2010 Yann Candele
August 2010 Ben Asselin
July 2010 Eric Lamaze
June 2010 Karen Sparks
May 2010 Lauren Hunkin
April 2010 Francois Lamontagne
March 2010 Yann Candele
February 2010 John Pearce
January 2010 Eric Lamaze
December 2009 Georgia Young
November 2009 Ainsley Vince
October 2009 Erynn Ballard
September 2009 Mac Cone
August 2009 Yann Candele
July 2009 Joelle Froese
June 2009 Ian Millar
May 2009 Angela Covert-Lawrence
April 2009 Beth Underhill
March 2009 Erynn Ballard
February 2009 Yann Candele
January 2009 Jenna Thompson
December 2008 Eric Lamaze
November 2008 Keean White
October 2008 Yann Candele
September 2008 John Anderson
August 2008 Eric Lamaze
July 2008 Mario Deslauriers
June 2008 Lauren Hunkin
May 2008 Jill Henselwood
April 2008 Jonathan Asselin
March 2008 Eric Lamaze
February 2008 Mac Cone
January 2008 Paul Halpern
December 2007 Amy Millar
November 2007 Ian Millar
October 2007 Beth Underhill
August 2007 Darrin Dlin
July 2007 Jill Henselwood
June 2007 ill Henselwood
May 2007 Chris Pratt
April 2007 John Pearce
March 2007 Eric Lamaze
February 2007 Jill Henselwood
January 2007 Ian Millar

Prochaps 'Athlete of the Month' Awards

ProChaps is a Canadian manufacturer of high-performance riding chaps, ProChaps is the proud sponsor of the Jump Canada ‘Athlete of the Month’ program and rewards each selected rider with a brand-new custom pair of its groundbreaking chaps. Using innovative materials, ProChaps has radically advanced the construction of riding chaps to cutting edge perfection. At the 2004 Spruce Meadows “Masters” Tournament in September, ProChaps was selected to receive the prestigious award of 2004 Equi-Fair New & Innovative Product Award for their original and unique chap design. For more information, please visit

Month Year Recipient
December 2006 Frankie Chesler
November 2006 Laurie Bucci
October 2006 Taylor Bland
September 2006 Erynn Ballard
August 2006 Eric Lamaze
July 2006 Chris Pratt
June 2006 Tamie Phillips
2006 Eric Lamaze
April 2006 Jill Henselwood
March 2006 Nations’ Cup Team
2006 Mario Deslauriers
January 2006 John Pearce
December 2005 Noelle Singleton
November 2005 Mark Leyton
October 2005 John Pearce
September 2005 Mario Deslauriers
August 2005 Chris Pratt
July 2005 Karen Cudmore
2005 Christopher Lowe
May 2005 Ian Millar
2005 Michael Grinyer
2005 Erynn Ballard
2005 Eric Lamaze
2005 Jill Henselwood
2004 Amanda Knowles
2004 Kim Farlinger
2004 Frankie Chesler
2004 Tani Anderson
2004 Ian Millar
2004 Jill Henselwood
2004 Beth Underhill
2004 Chris Pratt
2004 Ainsley Vince
2004 Ian Millar
2004 Jill Henselwood
2004 Mac Cone
2003 Femke van den Bosch
2003 Eric Lamaze
2003 2003 Ontario Young Riders Team
2003 Eric Lamaze
2003 Keean White
2003 Ainsley Vince
2003 Elliott Stone
2003 Ian Millar

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