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Jump Canada is a committee of Equine Canada/Sport Division for the jumping discipline, including jumper, hunter, hack and hunter and jumper equitation.  For convenience and clarity, this document will refer to Jump Canada as a board, and to its subcommittees as committees.

Jump Canada is accountable to Equine Canada (EC) and all members of the hunter, jumper, equitation and hack communities for operating in a fiscally responsible manner, for running national programs for its constituents, and for the accomplishment of its goals, which shall be reviewed from time to time through a process of strategic planning. Jump Canada will conduct an annual review and evaluation of the board and its committees to ensure all members are fulfilling their assigned duties and responsibilities.

The Jump Canada Board shall:
  • manage and administer all aspects of the sport of show jumping in a businesslike manner on behalf of Equine Canada;
  • provide leadership and strategic direction by establishing policies and operational plans, and through liaison and consultation with the hunter/jumper community and with its own committees;
  • maintain productive working relationships with riders, owners, competition organizers, provincial equestrian bodies and all other key external groups;
  • provide opportunity for all committee chairs to review and coordinate projects and activities;
  • ensure the overall integration and coordination of all Jump Canada activities;
  • approve and/or recommend changes to committee programs and activities;
  • provide input and feedback, through the chair, on EC policies, programs and services; and
  • abide by Equine Canada Governance Policy documents, including
  • Board Meeting procedures;
  • Board Members Code of Conduct;
  • Board Members Conflict of Interest Guidelines;
  • Board Responsibilities; and
  • Code of Ethics.