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FEI Approval Committee


The FEI Approval Committee reviews applications for CSIs, CSI-Ws and CSIOs in Canada and approves those that meet the established FEI criteria. It strives to improve the standards of FEI competitions in Canada; and strives to avoid date conflicts that would not be for the good of the sport.

  • a chair selected from within the committee;
  • the Chair (or designate) of Jump Canada Competitions Committee;
  • all members of the High Performance Committee; and
  • other knowledgeable horse people as selected by the committee.
  • sets the criteria for holding a CSI-W, CSI or CSIO;
  • in September, reviews the application for Canadian competitions to hold CSI-Ws, CSIs, and CSIOs;
  • notifies applicants if there are any outstanding issues or areas that need improvement before approval can be granted;
  • may ask for a performance bond to guarantee that all deficiencies will be corrected; and
  • through the Manager Jumping, send the approved applications to the FEI.
  • reports to Jump Canada through the Chair.