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The Jump Canada Board is the committee of Equine Canada responsible for the promotion and enhancement of the hunter/jumper discipline from the grass roots to international level. Board members are elected by the riders, owners and competition organizers.Pan AM Silver Medal Team 2007(© Cealy Tetley)

As a Gold Equine Canada hunter/jumper competition, (each competition will remit $20.00 per horse entered in a hunter or jumper division to the Jump Canada Board. This amount, which will be collected from each competitor at the time of entry, will be used to support a number or regional and national programs designed to foster the activities of hunter/jumper riders, owners and the industry at large.

60% Hunter, Young Rider & Domestic programs *
37.5% National & International Teams
2.5% Administration including Publicity & Public Relations

(* 40% of the domestic portion is returned to the provinces in which it is generated)

Contact your provincial hunter/jumper representative for a detailed list of the programs available and to have input into the usage of these funds.

This program is supported by Equine Canada.