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Communications and Media Relations Committee


Plans and oversees internal and external communications relating to Jump Canada.

  • a chair appointed by the Jump Canada Board; and
  • members appointed by the Chair.
  • creates a multi-year communications and media relations plan for Jump Canada programs and activities which forms a integral part of the marketing plan.  In addition to the media relations, the plan will detail both internal and external communications;
  • works with media to improve the sport's rapport with the media;
  • works with the media to broaden public awareness of the sport by developing and disseminating up-to-date media information on grand prix riders and future riders;
  • creates "heroes" in the sport through media relations;
  • works closely with competition/event organizers to enhance both visual and print media coverage;
  • maintains current biographies on all grand prix riders for media purposes; and
  • maintains regular written communications with all stakeholders and EC members through the Jump Canada electronic newsletter, The Warm-Up Ring.
  • the chair or designate is a voting member of Jump Canada;
  • reports to Jump Canada through the Chair;
  • maintains close relationships with the High Performance Chair, Competitions Committee, Grand Prix Riders Committee, Owners Committee, the EC Marketing Coordinator and the other Olympic disciplines; and
  • maintains productive working relationships with riders, owners, event organizers, sponsors, the media, provincial equestrian bodies, government and all other key external groups.