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Representatives to the Delegate Assembly will directly elect a seven-member Division Council. Included in those elected to the Council, must be at least one representative from a "breed/breeder" organization. All nominees for election to the Council must be designated voting delegates and must be nominated by designated voting delegates in attendance at the Assembly. The elected Division Council would elect a Council Chair from among its own members.
The Council will meet at least once per year, and at least one of the meetings of the Council will be held in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting of the EC.

Industry Council Members 2014

Dean Leifso - Elected Councillor and Chair, Standardbred Canada, Representative to the Board of Directors

Al Patterson - Elected Councillor, Representative to the Board/Chair, Council Finance Committee/Ontario Equestrian Federation Board of Directors/Director, Ontario Federation of Agriculture/Co-chair, Equine Guelph Advisory Baord/Quarterhorse Racing Advisory

Haidee Landry - Elected Councillor, President, Canadian Quarter Horse Association/Second Representative to the Board of Directors

Dean Leifso - Elected Councillor, Representative to the Board/Standardbred Canada Representative/Chair, Council Communications Committee/EC Ethics and Risk Management Committee

Gary Gusuliak - Elected Councillor, Representative to Provinces Council/Manitoba Horse Council

Michael Boyd - Elected Councillor, Hanoverian Breeding Club of Eastern Canada/ Chair, Council Awards Committee

Bernard McCormack - Elected Councillor, Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society/Jockey Club of Canada

Barbara Blackwell - Elected Councillor, Canadian Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association

Sue Ockendon - Elected Councillor, President Canadian Sport Horse Association

Cathy Chalack - Elected Councillor, Olds College

Krissy Fiddler - Guest, Provinces Council Representative

Vel Evans - Industry Consultant

Dr. Mary Bell - DVM, Chair, EC Health and Welfare Committee

Dr. John McNie - DVM, Co-Chair, and Chair, Lifecycle Management Working Group

Michael Arbour - Acting Chief Executive Officer