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Horse Racing in Canada

 The Economics of Horse Racing in Canada is an in‐depth report on the horse racing industry on a province‐by‐province basis and identifies the significant economic contributions realized through horse racing in Canada – the industry generates more than 47,000 full-time equivalent jobs and $5.7 billion annually to the national economy.

The racing sector represents a small percentage of the total number of horses in Canada, but a significantly higher percentage of the overall economic contribution that comes from horses in Canada. With 45,000 horses active in the racing sector (five per cent of the total Canadian herd), the horse racing sector provides 26% of the total economic contribution, a $5.7 billion annual economic impact. Racing in Ontario represents the largest provincial sector for the national racing industry, with more than 68% of the total racing opportunities and 86% of the total purses earned in 2010.

The Economics of Horse Racing In Canada is the first in a series of ‘state of the industry’ reports to be developed by Equine Canada from the 2010 Canadian Horse Industry Profile Study, released in 2011. The 2010 study provided the country with the broadest and the deepest analysis of the national equine industry since Equine Canada first began producing the reports in 1998.

The demographic and economic information garnered in the 2010 survey provided a wealth of information that is pivotal to demonstrating the contribution of the Canadian horse industry to the country’s overall economic health.  Our goal with the national study and related State Of The Industry reports such as this, is to better inform decision‐making and policy development as it affects our industry.

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