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Health and Welfare Committee 

The health and welfare of horses in Canada is of the highest priority for Equine Canada, its members, the Canadian equine industry and the Canadian equestrian community. The EC Board of Directors mandated the establishment of an Equine Canada Health and Welfare Committee as a committee of the Board to serve as a resource to the EC Board, and to provide expertise, feedback and guidance on the development of policy positions related to issues of equine health and welfare.

It is essential for Equine Canada that the Health and Welfare Committee has a solid structure that will address this core responsibility efficiently, effectively, seamlessly and with longevity. It is the opinion of the Committee members that this can best be achieved if the Health and Welfare Committee works with the EC Board of Directors to identify and eliminate gaps in our information and to improve communications within the organization related to issues of equine health and welfare.  

The purpose of the Equine Health and Welfare Committee is to assist Equine Canada in its endeavours to protect the health and welfare of every horse in Canada. Terms of Reference have been established, to define the mandate, composition, terms of service and general responsibilities for Committee members. The Terms of Reference have been adopted and included in the current Governance Policy Manual for Equine Canada. 


The President of the Board will appoint a Chair.

The Chair will select up to four (4) other Committee members from Equine Canada registered participants for board approval. The Committee membership will include at minimum a Canadian FEI-certified veterinarian and a Canadian FEI-certified Steward. In appointing the members of the Committee, consideration shall be given to EC's membership categories, competence and diversity, including without limitation, gender, regional, and linguistic balance. A majority of the voting members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum, provided at least one of the members present is the Chair.

The Chief Executive Officer or designate is entitled to be present at all meetings in an advisory capacity.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Committee, under the authority delegated to it by the Board, will be responsible for:
  • monitoring and making recommendations for policies to protect the health and welfare of horses at all Equine Canada sanctioned competitions,
  • monitoring the status of current issues (and initiatives) surrounding equine health and welfare,
  • providing regular updates to the Equine Canada Board on current (and impending issues) related to equine health and welfare,
  • apprising Equine Canada members and registered participants of health issues that could potentially affect the Canadian horse,
  • providing recommended policy guidelines and position papers to the Equine Canada Board for their approval to stand as accepted Equine Canada policy,
  • providing recommended policy guidelines to the Equine Canada Board for their approval,
  • establishing and fostering liaisons with federal and provincial government agencies, with industry groups and with other equine health and welfare related groups,
  • developing required expert resources to support the Committee’s work, and
  • such other responsibilities as identified by the Equine Canada Board.