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The international employment opportunity available for certified coaches/trainers is always expanding thanks to the International Trainer Passport. Currently there are 32 national equestrian federations who are members of the International Group for Equestrian Qualifications (IGEQ). This group has established standards by which to measure coaching/trainer qualifications across international boundaries.

The International Trainers Passport allow certified coaches/trainers to have their qualifications immediately recognized in a foreign country, thus easing the difficulties of teaching in other parts of the world. This passport also means that someone who is certified at an agreed level will now be able to enter for the next higher level of examination in any of the participating countries, subject to national policy and procedure requirements.

At the present time, the International Trainers Passport is recognized in 32 countries but many more are expressing interest in joining the International Group for Equestrian Qualifications. This is a major step forward in international recognition and co-operation within the equestrian world.

In order to be eligible to apply for an International Trainers Passport through Equine Canada a coach/trainer must provide a copy of their coach/trainer certification from the IGEQ member country and hold Canadian permanent residents status or Canadian citizenship. The coach required to show proof of both an Equine Canada membership (paid annually) and Provincial Sport Organization membership (paid annually). All ITP holders are required to have a valid Gold Sport License. For your Sport License to be in good standing you MUST hold a PSO membership (in participating provinces) or pay the $25 EC membership fee (in Non-participating provinces).

Once issued all International Trainers Passports must be returned annually to Equine Canada for revalidation. If a passport is no longer required, the passport is to be returned to Equine Canada along with a letter advising that he/she would like to cancel their passport.

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