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NEW! for Coaches & Equestrians

New long-term athlete development (LTED) reference guides specific to each discipline:

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Equine Canada Athlete Development Resource Series: The Eventing Athlete Handbook
Only $10 !

Eventing Athlete Handbook
Getting all the information together to reach your goals isn’t easy. This handbook was created from the notes and resources used by leading Canadian Eventing coaches to prepare their show teams for the season. Plan for success with easy to understand tools and information at your finger-tips.

The handbook focuses on educating and preparing riders for the competition season. It is designed for coaches and riders to use, either in a half-day barn team clinic format, or in one-on-one coaching. Any rider or coach can purchase the handbook as a handy resource.

Topics covered include:
-Safety, risk and prevention
-Horse-show checklist
-Nutrition and conditioning for horse and rider
-Scheduling (farrier, vet, competition, training)
-Appropriate competitive selection
-Preparing a Yearly or Seasonal Training Plan
-Scoring and rules
-Goal setting and sport psychology
-Athlete advancement- know when you’re ready to move up



FREE RESOURCE! Eventing Long Term Equestrian Development Guide
This Guide provides clear and easy to understand summaries for riders and their parents and coaches about the goals and expectations appropriate to each phase of a rider’s development in the sport. Stages span all ages and abilities. Each stage contains a summary of the skills and abilities required to meet specific outcomes. In early stages, the focus is on participation, broad skill development and enjoyment through variety and fun. Riders who may wish to try Eventing can easily understand how their experience can be transferrable to this discipline.

Get a copy/copies for your barn for free by contacting Equine Canada. All orders of the Athlete Handbook will contain a complementary copy of the Athlete Development Guide. As a rider becomes more competitive, the training goals are aligned with specific technical requirements for each stage of competition.

The Guide is based on the Sport Canada Athlete Development model for all major sports in Canada. It was developed by a team of leaders in coaching in Eventing in Canada.