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Fundamental Movement Skills

An NCCP Course for coaches who work with young children, and for parents of young children.


The following regions are holding coaching training and evaluations. Not all planned events are posted, as they are often scheduled when there are enough candidates on the waiting list. You are encouraged to contact your provincial sport association to get on waiting lists for coaching courses and evaluations.

Alberta (contact www.albertaequestrian.com or Alberta Events)

British Columbia (contact www.hcbc.ca or  British Columbia Events)

Manitoba (contact www.manitobahorsecouncil.ca or Manitoba Events)

New Brunswick (contact https://nbea.ca or New Brunswick Events)

Newfoundland (contact http://equestriannl.ca/ or Newfoundland Events)

Nova Scotia (contact www.horsenovascotia.ca or Nova Scotia Events)

Ontario (contact www.horse.on.ca or Ontario Events)

Prince Edward Island (contact www.islandhorsecouncil.ca or Prince Edward Island Events)

Quebec (contact www.feq.qc.ca or Quebec Events)

Saskatchewan (contact www.saskhorse.ca or Saskatchewan Events)

Yukon (contact equineyukon.weebly.com or Yukon Events)