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Amateur Rules

Article A902 Amateur Competitors
 1. All adults competing in EC amateur classes must possess a current amateur card. Competitors in FEI-sanctioned competitions must comply with the FEI definition of amateur.
2. A person competing in EC amateur classes must hold a valid EC Sport License, have a current amateur card and adhere to the guidelines as indicated in the discipline/breed sport rules. Riders/drivers competing in Amateur classes on a Temporary Sport License must have a signed Amateur Affidavit on file with the competition Secretary.
 3. Applicable to CET only: Product endorsement by an EC amateur must not be contrary to the terms of the EC Athlete Agreement.
4. Applicable to CET only: An EC amateur may not enter into any form of sponsorship agreement that is contrary to the terms of the EC Athlete Agreement.
5. Persons who possess a current and valid amateur card from their breed affiliate organization are eligible to compete in EC amateur classes within the divisions for that breed.
6. USEF members who are eligible to compete as amateurs are eligible to compete in EC amateur classes, except in CET and EC amateur medal classes when they must also pay the fee for a valid Sport License and be members of the CET as required by the class specifications. Proof of amateur status must be submitted with entries to EC-sanctioned competitions.
7. If the status of an EC certified amateur is challenged, such challenge is subject to EC rules regarding official complaints. See Chapter A12, Dispute Resolution Policy for EC-sanctioned Competitions.
8. See Article A1302.8 regarding remuneration of officials and Section F, which forbids the offering of prize money in equitation, horsemanship and showmanship classes.
 1. For the purposes of these rules, remuneration is defined as any payment, either in cash or in kind, with the exception of gifts of token value.
2. Remuneration does NOT include:
    a) payment made to any competition official
    b) reimbursement for expenses without profit
    c) winnings paid to a horse’s owner
Article A903 Application fo EC Amateur Status
1. Amateur status is issued by EC.
2. For EC members, certification of amateur status is issued annually on EC Sport License cards.
3. All persons wishing EC amateur status must complete and sign the amateur declaration, which is on the Sport License application/renewal form, affirming their eligibility.
4. Eligible amateurs who are not members of EC may receive amateur status issued by EC upon payment of the fee as listed in the current EC fee schedule.
5. Eligible amateurs who are competing on a Temporary Sport license must complete an Amateur Affidavit to enter classes restricted to Amateur riders/drivers.