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Equine Canada Bylaws

Play a role in shaping the future of the Canadian equestrian community!

As a valued stakeholder, Equine Canada invites you to have your say in this important opportunity to affect positive change, renewal and growth of our organization.

Help realize the true potential of Equine Canada:

Organizational renewal and transformation are the labels attached to the work of keeping an organization relevant to the times, true to its purpose, and living up to its potential. In this endeavor a holistic approach is required to realize the true potential of the organization. Elements of Equine Canada's renewal include the following:

•  One Vision strategic plan
•  Vision, mission and goals
•  Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines
•  Governance review - alignment of structure, policy and procedures
•  National Learn to Trail Ride program
•  Competition review based on LTED principles
•  Revised Bylaws and Letters Patent.

In the coming months, eligible* members will be asked to review and vote on Equine Canada’s proposed bylaw changes. These bylaws will serve to renew and upgrade our organization and shape the future of the Canadian equestrian community.

The proposed bylaw changes will also serve to address compliance requirements with Industry Canada’s new Not-for-Profit Corporations Act.

Questions? We want to hear from you!

Equine Canada welcomes the opportunity to answer any questions you have related to the proposed bylaw changes. Responses to questions will be part of an active Q&A section. Send questions to: governance@equinecanada.ca.

*Equine Canada Individual members, Provincial/Territorial association, National Association and Corporate members, of eligible age and in good standing, are eligible to vote.