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Western Learn to Ride Program

The Learn to Ride program was developed to provide new riders with a safe and knowledgeable introduction to Western riding. The purpose of the Learn to Ride program is to produce safe and knowledgeable horseman and to assist in the development of future instructors and coaches.

The Learn to Ride program is a national program with national standards that rewards all riders, recreational to competitive, for advancing their learning with Certificates of Achievement. This program encourages all riders to ride, learn and enjoy the sport of riding while providing guidelines to coaches and instructors.

The Western Learn to Ride program is based on the Western Learn to Ride and Intermediate Rider manuals, which evaluates an individual's skills, through levels 1-4 as well as an intermediate level, in a variety of areas covered in the manuals. To participate in the Western Learn to Ride program riders do not require their own horse, but are expected to work with a certified Equine Canada coach to prepare for testing.

Examiners must be a fully certified and current EC Western Coach.

Note: The Western Rider level 4 and the general component of the Intermediate Rider Level are both prerequisites to becoming a Western Coach 1

For addition information regarding the Western Learn to Ride program, please contact your provincial association.