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If there are any questions, please feel free to contact the EC passport department.

1. What are the fees and requirements for applying for an Equine Canada passport?

  • Please view the Directions for Completion of Passports, and complete the Passport Application.
  • All forms are in PDF format and require Acrobat Reader to view/print. A free version is available and we have provided the link at the top of the forms page.
  • The horse owner must have a current Sport License.
  • Once the application (including required picture) and payment is received, the passport will be sent back to the owner.

2. Once I have received the passport, is it valid?

  • No, a vet must fill in the markings and vaccination pages, as well as sign it before the passport is valid.
  • The vet or horse show steward must also complete the Horse Measurement page if the horse is over 6 years of age.

3. My horse is registered with a breed organization; can it have the same name on the passport?

  • The Passport (competition) name can be of your choosing. It may be the same as the registered name, or a totally different name.

4. If the name I have chosen is already taken, can I still use it?

  • Yes, due to the large number of horses in competition, there are bound to be duplicates of names.
5. What size should the passport picture be?
  • It may not be any bigger than 4"x 6", and should be a side view of the horse, with no tack. Preferably the horse's head should be turned to the camera to show any markings as listed on the application.

6. The application asks for a Sport License number, as the owner am I required to purchase this?

  • Yes, any owners listed on the form need to purchase a Sport License.
  • Please see Question 1 in the Sport License section for types of sport licenses and fees.

7. Is it possible to email a photo of the horse along with the application?

  • Yes, passport applications can be made on line and passport pictures can be submitted with the applicatyion as long as they are high quality and print ready.

8. Do the fees for new passports or change of name/ownership include the Sport License fee?

  • No, these fees do not include a Sport License.
  • There is a separate fee for change of ownership or name on EC horse passport.
  • The fee for a new passport includes the horse license sticker for the first year.
9. Which levels of shows require a passport for each discipline or breed? 
  • Hunter/Jumping – Silver and Gold Equine Canada sanctioned competitions.
  • Eventing - training and above at Equine Canada sanctioned competitions.
  • Dressage - Silver and Gold  Equine Canada sanctioned competitions.
  • Passports are not required for horses competing in the hack division, or for horses competing only in breeding line classes in divisions which would otherwise require horse passports.
  • For other disciplines please contact the Competitions department. Staff Directory
10. How do I know what my horse is eligible for if it has never shown before?
  • The owner must decide what type of competition and discipline the horse will be competing in, and view the eligibility rules in the appropriate Section of the Rules of Equine Canada. The Rules of Equine Canada are available free of charge, in PDF form, on the Equine Canada website.
  • For further questions please refer to the discipline specific contact. See Staff Directory

11. My horse is no longer eligible for the division stated on the passport, how do I update the passport?

  • The eligible division in the passport should be updated, signed and dated annually by the owner.
  • For further levels or disciplines refer to the appropriate section of the Rules of Equine Canada.

12. If a passport is lost, how do I get a replacement passport?

  • Mail in a letter stating a replacement is needed, and include the horse's name, passport number and previous/current owner.
  • Mail in the replacement fee, and a side view picture of the horse, no bigger than 4" x 6".
  • If there is an ownership change, be sure that the new owner is a current Sport License holder and be sure to include in the letter that a change of ownership is being done as well.


13. I have purchased a horse that already has a passport, how do I change the ownership? 

  • Make sure the previous owner(s) have signed on page 6.
  • Mail in the passport along with a change of ownership application and proof of ownership – Equine Canada will accept a copy of a bill of sale, a sworn and noterized affidavit or breed regstry papers if they reflect current ownership as proof of ownership.
  • A change of name for the horse can be done at the same time for no additional fees.

14. What are the fees for changing the horse’s name in the passport?

  • A change of ownership can be done at the same time as a name change, for no additional fees.
  • A change of name form must be submitted to request for a horse name change.

15. Can children under 18 years of age be listed as owners or does it require an adult?

  • Yes, children can be listed as the owner of the horse.

16. I currently have an FEI passport. How do I get an Equine Canada passport?

  • Mail in the FEI passport to be cancelled.
  • Complete the Passport Application and submit to Equine Canada with the required fees and documentation.
  • Once the FEI passport has been cancelled, it will be returned along with the new Equine Canada passport to be used. There cannot be more than one passport in effect for each horse.

17. What vaccinations does my horse need to show?

  • For most Equine Canada sanctioned shows, a negative Coggins test is necessary to provide to the horse shows. It is not necessary for any passport related items at Equine Canada.

18. I have a foreign passport, for example, KWPN breed book, that came with my horse, is this to be mailed in with the application?

  • Yes, please include any previous papers or passports with your passport application. Equine Canada makes a copy to keep on file and then returns it with the Equine Canada passport.

19. I have purchased a horse that already has a passport, how do I change the ownership?

  • Make sure the previous owner(s) have signed on page 6; and the new owner enters the date of purchase, as well as their name and address.
  • If the previous owner has not signed, mail in a copy of the bill of sale as proof of purchase.
  • The new owner does not need to sign, they just need to fill in their name and address on page 6.
  • A change of name for the horse can be done at the same time for no additional fees.

20. What are the fees for changing the horse’s name in the passport?

  • A change of ownership can be done at the same time as a name change, for no additional fees.
  • A written letter dated and signed by the owner must accompany a request for a horse name change.
  • Click here for schedule of fees

21. How long is the passport valid for?
  • The passport is proposed to be valid until 2010, please watch for UNCART updates.
  • To stay valid for competition, the owner must renew both their Sport License and Horse License annually.