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Directions for Obtaining a New FEI Passport, FEI Recognition Card, Duplicate FEI Passport, or Revalidating an Expired FEI Passport

 NEW FEI PASSPORTS - Apply - Complete - Validate

 New FEI Passport - Fee $348.00 (includes Horse License Sticker and standard shipping via Canada Post).

 To obtain a new FEI passport, the owner must be a current Equine Canada Sport License holder and a Canadian Citizen. The horse must not hold any other passport  (excepting Equine Canada passports)                                                                                                                  **If the horse has a National passport or breed book from another country, please see  directions for obtaining an FEI Recognition Card or call the FEI passport department to determine eligibility for an FEI Recognition Card.


Step 1 - APPLY


  • Once your application is processed, you will then recieve a blank FEI passport and instructions for completion. The passport will require three areas to be completed before Equine Canada can validate the FEI passport:
  • 1. Details of Ownership - the owner must sign the in the details of ownership section as indicated (located on pg 10 or 11, sign the top right hand box beside the information sticker). Note: A horse purchased by more than one owner or a company, requires only one signature.
  • Horse Name
    FEI Passport #
    Owner Name/Address


    Equine Canada Stamp

  • 2. Horse Description & Narrative - A veterinarian will complete the horse description diagram and narrative (pages 32 & 33).
  • 3. Equine Influenza Vaccinations - A veterinarian will record the Primary Course Vaccinations* in the appropriate pages marked “Vaccination Record: Equine Influenza Only”
  • * Primary Course Vaccinations: Two Equine Influenza vaccinations given within a range of 21 to 92 days apart. Both primaries must be administered by the same method (i.e. both must be intramuscular (IM) or both intranasal (IN)). Vaccinations must be recorded properly within the passport before Equine Canada can validate the FEI passport.


  • Once the ownership details and horse description and vaccination details have been completed, the passport is sent to Equine Canada for validation. If the horse holds an Equine Canada passport, it is also required to be sent into Equine Canada at this time for cancellation. You will receive the cancelled Equine Canada passport back with the validated FEI passport.



 Obtaining & Completing a Recognition Card - Fee $348.00 (includes Horse License Sticker and standard shipping via Canada Post)

A Recognition Card is an addition cover and insert that can be added to an FEI Approved National Passport to upgrade the passport to an FEI Recognition Card (same funtionality as an FEI Passport). Not all National passports/breed books have the ability to be upgraded into a Recognition Card - the Equine Canada passport can not be upgraded. If your horse holds a National Passport or Breed Book from another Country, please call the FEI passport department to enquire if your passport is eligible for a Recognition Card.

 Once determined that your national passport/breed book is eligible for an FEI Recogntion Card, send the national passport/breed book with the FEI Passport Application Form and payment to Equine Canada, FEI Passport Department.



 Duplicate FEI Passport - Fee $315.00 (includes tax and standard shipping via Canada Post)

A duplicate FEI passport can be obtained if a passport is lost/ stolen or if the area for recording Equine Influenza vaccinations is completely filled. To apply for a duplicate, a statement of reason (signed by the owner and dated) must be mailed must be sent into Equine Canada with the duplicate passport fee of $315.00.

Note: If the passport has since expired, changed ownership or changed name, the applicable fees are applied in addition to the duplicate passport fees. For more information please call the FEI passport department.



 Revalidating an Expired FEI Passport / FEI Recognition Card - Fee $315.00 (includes tax and standard shipping via Canada Post)

Each FEI passport will expire 4 years after the initial application date, less a day, and will require revalidation to renew for another 4 years. The expiration date will be clearly marked in the passport and can be found in different areas depending on the passport:

In a burgundy covered passport, you will find the expiration date on the very first page of the passport at the bottom. In a purple covered passport, the date will be listed on the front sticker with the horse’s name. In a burgundy covered recognition card, the date will be on the back of the first white part of the passport. And in a purple covered recognition card, the expiration date will be located on the front sticker with the horse’s name.

To revalidate the passport, the physical passport must be sent to Equine Canada with the revalidation fee of $315.00. The passport will then receive a revalidation sticker and a new expiration date listed 4 years after the revalidation is processed or 4 years after the expiration date (which ever is the later date).

Note: The passport must be current and up to date with ownership information and Equine Influenza vaccinations before a revalidation can occur (see Equine Influenza requirements for a FEI passport).


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the FEI passport department.