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Canadian Vaulters Earn WEG Qualifying Scores at CVI3* Chilliwack

Ottawa, ON, May 28, 2014—Canada’s only international vaulting competition was held May 23–25, in Chilliwack, BC. Offering divisions in individual, pas de deux and squad vaulting, CVI Chilliwack had participants from all over North America aiming to secure their best scores at the 3* level with the goal representing their country at the World Equestrian Games (WEG), Normandy, FRA, Aug. 23–Sept. 7, 2014.

Once again the Van der Sluijs sisters, Jeanine and Angelique of Olds, AB, qualified for WEG in the CVI3* Freestyle Pas de Deux, earning 6.920 for fifth place.

Bettering her previous individual qualifying score of 7.097 with 7.444, Jeanine, who was a member of the Canadian Equestrian Team (CET) at the 2010 WEG, also earned a second qualification score for the women’s CVI3* Individual division. Alisa Schmidt of Chilliwack, BC, finished in eighth place with 6.872. Schmidt, who was also a member of the CET in 2010, has already qualified for WEG at CVI Pacific Cup earlier in the month.

Team Alberta’s Northern Lights Squad members, Todd Griffiths, Jeanine van der Sluijs, Shianne Hofer, Angelique van der Sluijs, Brooke Boyd and Dallyn Shields, executed their CVI 3* Squad performance to earn 6.668 which qualified the entire group for WEG. This is the first time a Canadian Vaulting Squad and Pas de Deux have qualified to attend the games.


Canadian Vaulters’ Results

Division  Rank  Vaulter  Squad 
 CVI3* (Women) 4th (second WEG qualifying score)  Jeanine van der Sluijs Meadowcreek Vaulting Club
  8th   Alisa Schmidt Cheam Vaulters
  9th Jessica Bentzen Mt. Arrowsmith Vaulters
 CVI3* (Pas de Deux) 5th (second WEG qualifying score)     Angelique and Jeanine van der Sluijs      Meadowcreek Vaulting Club
CVI3* (Squad) 2nd (achieved WEG qualifying score)

Todd Griffiths
Jeanine van der Sluijs
Shianne Hofer
Angelique van der Sluijs
Brooke Boyd
Dallyn Shields

Team Alberta
CVI2* (Women) 6th Amanda Stevenson Mt. Arrowsmith Vaulters
CVI2* (Pas de Deux) 1st Brooke Boyd and Todd Griffiths Rocky View Vaulters
  2nd Darla Ricka and Alisa Schmidt Cheam Vaulters
CVIJ2* (Women) 3rd Chelsie Nicolls Spruce Valley Vaulters
  4th Cassie Sponchia Cheam Vaulters
CVI1* (Senior Women) 5th Shianne Hofer Razzle Dazzle Vaulters
  6th Tauren Deluca Triple M Vaulters
  7th Jessica Church Fusion Vaulters
  9th Pearl Holmquest

Mt. Arrowsmith Vaulters

CVI1* (Senior Men) 1st Bartly Dyck Cheam Vaulters
CVIJ1* (Women) 3rd Korynn Weber Koot-Neigh Vaulters
  6th Kendra Gagne Spruce Valley Vaulters
  7th Abigale Wynberg Fusion Vaulters
  8th Kaylee Shukin Koot-Neigh Vaulters
CVICH1* (Children) 2nd Dallyn Shields Meadowcreek Vaulters
  5th Melissa Head Spruce Valley Vaulters
CVI1* (Squad) 1st

Tauren Deluca
Chelsie Nicolls
Haigen Paven
Melissa Head
Cassidy Johannesson
Cassidy Macdonald

Triple M Vaulting and Spruce Valley Vaulters