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October 27, 2009 — Effective January 1, 2010, the 2010 Canadian Eventing (CE) national membership will be integrated with the Equine Canada Individual Sport Licence. An individual who purchases the 2010 Canadian Eventing national membership will receive one card containing both their Equine Canada Sport Licence number plus the word EVENTING.
The goal of the new process is to simplify the administrative process for both CE members and Provincial Horse Trials Association Membership secretaries and treasurers.

The benefits of the new system will include

·         creating a simpler sport licence and membership process for Canadian Eventing competitors,

·         creating a simpler administrative process for competition organizers and secretaries,

·         creating a current directory of CE members that is automatically maintained in the Equine Canada database — allowing for improved communication to CE members, and

·         providing each competitor with a 2010 Canadian Eventing Omnibus which will be mailed directly by the EC national office upon sign-up (it is anticipated the 2010 Omnibus will be available mid-February 2010).

The 2010 CE national membership fee will be $20 for Senior competitors and $18 for Junior competitors.  This price includes the 2010 Omnibus and represents no increase in fees.

In 2010 Canadian Eventing will also offer a Supporter membership for $15. This membership category is non-competitive and does not include an Omnibus

There are four methods to become a Canadian Eventing National Member in 2010.

1.      Submit your Equine Canada Sport Licence by mail or by fax — include the appropriate cost for JR or SR CE membership in the Optional Fees section.

2.      Online Equine Canada Sport Licence — at Step 10, select JR or SR CE membership from the revised invoice.

3.      Directly to Canadian Eventing by completing and returning the 2010 Canadian Eventing Membership Application form with payment to Equine Canada. CE Supporter members must use this method to join or re-new.

4.      Canadian Eventing national membership may also be purchased at an Equine Canada sanctioned eventing competition provided the competition organizer is willing to collect and forward the application and fees to Equine Canada on behalf of Canadian Eventing.

The new system does not in any way change the Provincial Horse Trial Association (PHTA) membership requirements for competing in Equine Canada sanctioned eventing competitions. A competitor will need to produce his/her EC Sport licence which includes the words EVENTING, or alternatively purchase a Temporary EC Sport Licence and CE national membership at the competition in addition to their PHTA membership card in order to compete.

The 2010 Canadian Eventing Membership form is available on the Canadian Eventing section of the Equine Canada website at equinecanada.ca under Disciplines then select Eventing.

About Canadian Eventing

Canadian Eventing is the committee of Equine Canada responsible for the sport of eventing in Canada from the grassroots to the international level. The Canadian Eventing Committee is comprised of 12 members, including two rider representatives elected by the Elite Riders Association. Directed by the Strategic Plan for Eventing, all Eventing activities are administered by this committee via six sub-committees with the support of an eventing manager based at the Equine Canada office in Ottawa. For more information about Canadian Eventing, visit www.equinecanda.ca and select disciplines then Eventing.

About Equine Canada

Equine Canada is Canada’s national governing body for equestrianism.  A member-driven, charitable institution, it is the executive branch of the Canadian Equestrian Team, and the national authority for equestrian competition; the national voice for recreational riders; and the national association for equine welfare, breeding, and industry.  Equine Canada is recognised by the Government of Canada, the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), and the Canadian Olympic Committee as the national organisation representing equestrian sport and equine interests. For more information about Equine Canada, please visit equinecanada.ca.