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Gold (National) Dressage Competition Date Application Forms

The Dressage Canada deadline for applications to host an Equine Canada Gold Dressage Competition is July 31st, each year.

Application Forms must be completed and submited to the attention of the EC Manager Dressage, Equine Canada fax # 613-248-3484 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by the July 31st, deadline.

FEI Sanctioned Competitions Date Application Forms

Application Forms for FEI Sanctioned Competitions (CDI, CDIO, CDI-W, CDI3* etc.) are due at the Equine Canada office no later than July 31st, each year.

FEI Fees

Calendar Fees (Organizers will be invoiced for all Calendar Fees and Organizing Dues at the conclusion of the competition)

  • Applicable for all events as published in the Calendar and approved by the Bureau Except lower level events CHF 500,
  • Addition to the Calendar approved by the Bureau after October 1st, 2007 - CHF 1000,
  • Modification to the Calendar approved by the Bureau - CHF 500,

Organising Dues

Organising dues will be charged on the basis of the total amount of prizes in cash and in kind convertible into cash according to the scale shown below:

  • 4.7% on amounts up to CHF 149 999
  • 4.2% on amounts between CHF 150 000 to 249 999
  • 3.0% on amounts above CHF 250 000 to 499 999
  • 2.5% on amounts above CHF 500 000 to 799 999
  • 2.0% on amounts above CHF 800 000 to 999 999
  • 1.0% on amounts above CHF 1 000 000

Organising Dues for Multi-Discipline events will be based on the “combined prize money of all disciplines”.

Note: If the invoices are not paid within 60 days from the date of issue, an interest will automatically be charged at the end of each month at the rate of 10%.

FEE for holding a CDI-W in addition to organising dues.

  • USA/CAN CHF 1.250