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Pan American Games

Pan American Games

What are the Pan American Games?Andrea Bresee and Raffles (Cealy Tetley Photo)

The Pan American games is a continental version of the Olympic Games which includes the Olympic Program sports as well as other sports that are not part of the Olympics. Conducted every four years, always one year before the Olympic Games, the first Pan American Games were held in 1951 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For over 50 years, the Pan American Games have never failed to occur and have been held in cities across the continent.

History of Canadian Dressage Success at the Pan American Games

2007 Rio de Janeiro, Brésil

Best Individual performance - Tom Dvorak (Beaumarchais) – 4th place

Team Silver Medal:

  • Tom Dvorak (Beaumarchais)
  • Andrea Bresee (Raffles)
  • Diane Creech (Wiona)
  • Karen Pavicic (Lion Heart) – Reserve Combination

2003 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Tom Dvorak

Best Individual performance - Leslie Reid (Mark) – Gold Medal

Team Silver Medal:

  • Leslie Reid (Mark)
  • Evi Strasser (Quantum Tyme)
  • Ashley Holzer (Gambol)
  • Jacqueline M. Brooks (Gran Gesto)

1999 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Best Individual performance - Shannon Dueck (Korona) – Silver Medal

1995 Mar del Plata, Argentina

Best Individual performance Victoria Winter (Wedgewood) – Bronze Medal

Team Bronze Medal:

  • Victoria Winter (Wedgewood)Karen Pavicic
  • Nancy MacLachlan (Davis Cup)
  • Louise Meichowsky (Tambourin)
  • Stephan von Schalburg (Aznavour 2)

1991 Havana, Cuba

Best Individual performances:
Lorraine Stubbs (Firmus) – Gold Medal
Ashley Munro (Kronjewel) – Silver Medal

Team Gold Medal:

  • Lorraine Stubbs (Firmus)
  • Ashley Munro (Kronjewel)
  • Gina Smith (Dutch Treat)
  • Leslie Reid (Lestat)

1987 - Indianapolis, USA

Best individual performances:
Christilot Boylen (Epernay) – Gold Medal
Martina Pracht (Little Joe) – Silver Medal

Team Gold Medal:Diane Creech

  • Christilot Boylen (Epernay)
  • Martina Pracht (Little Joe)
  • Eva-Maria Pracht (Emirage)
  • Diana Billes (Lustig)

1975 - Mexico City, Mexico

Best Individual performance
Christilot Boylen (Jungherr II) – Gold Medal

Team Silver Medal:

  • Christilot Boylen (Jungherr II)
  • Barbara Stracey (Equipage)
  • Lorraine Stubbs (True North)

1971 - Cali, Colombia

Best Individual performance
Christilot Boylen (Armagnac II) – Gold Medal

Team Gold Medal

1967 Winnipeg, Canada

Team Bronze