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    • Recorded (r)
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    • Senior (S)


All applicants for recorded status, or promotion up to and including FEI Level, are to be made in accordance with these rules.

  1. All licenced officials must pay their DC affiliate fee, be members of their PSO and hold an EC Gold Sport Licence. See EC General Regulations A1302.2.
  2. It is the responsibility of the applicant or licenced judge to accomplish all necessary requirements for obtaining/maintaining a judge’s licence.
  3. Application must be made by January 31st, using the official EC/DC Dressage Judges application form for consideration for licencing/upgrading in the following calendar year. The form and relevant fee must be sent to the DC Officials Committee through the Manager Dressage at the EC office. Application forms can be downloaded form the Dressage Canada website equinecanada.ca/dressage Note: No late applications will be accepted.
  4. Completed documentation as required and outlined in these rules must be submitted by October 1st of the same year in which the initial application is made. Note: No reminders will be sent by the EC office to applicants.
  5. The DC Officials Committee will review all completed applications by the end of November of each year. The decisions of the Committee will be sent to applicants in writing in December. The Committee will outline reasons for their decision and offer remedial suggestions for future upgrading.
  6. Judges may apply to upgrade during the year in which they meet the minimum number of years required at a given card level. Approval to upgrade, if given, does not take effect until the following January.
  7. All initial recognition and promotions are at the discretion of the DC Officials Committee and are probationary for one year.

Complete information on certification can be found in the Equine Canada Rules for Dressage Section E.


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