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July 22, 2008 — Dressage Canada announces that it will be sending a team of three horse/rider combinations to the 2008 Olympic Games without a travelling reserve combination.  Unfortunately, the previous travelling reserve combination, Evi Strasser and Quantum Tyme, will be unable to be part of the team going to Hong Kong.

The team of Ashley Holzer and Pop Art, Jacqueline Brooks and Gran Gesto, and Leslie Reid and Orion are currently preparing for the Games in the pre-shipment quarantine facility in Aachen, Germany.  Please join Dressage Canada in wishing this group of competitors the best of success as they represent Canada in Hong Kong.

Dressage Canada gratefully acknowledges the support of Sport Canada, the Canadian Olympic Committee and all of supporters, sponsors and friends for their continued support of the Canadian Dressage Team in its quest for excellence at the 2008 Olympic Games.

Please visit equinecanada.ca/dressage for a list of supporters and sponsors, and show your support by joining the Dressage Canada Olympic Dressage Supporters Club. Every member will have their name listed on the website and receive a commemorative special edition 2008 Olympic dressage pin. This is the same pin that our 2008 Canadian Olympic Dressage Team will be taking with them to Hong Kong to spread the sportsmanship and goodwill of Canadian athletes.

At the 2008 Olympic Games, the team competition consists of the Grand Prix test in which all competitors must participate and also serves as the first Individual Qualifying Competition. The team medals are decided in descending order starting with the team with the highest combined total scores. Each team is comprised of three riders. The FEI Grand Prix Speciale is the second Individual Qualifying Competition, which is limited to and compulsory for the 25 best horse/rider combinations from the Grand Prix test, including those who tie for 25th place. If all three riders of a team qualify, they may all participate. The FEI Grand Prix Freestyle is the final Individual Qualifying Competition and is limited to and compulsory for the overall best 15 out of the FEI Grand Prix Speciale competition, including those who tie for 15th place. Again, if all three riders of a team qualify they may all participate.

Both the FEI Grand Prix Special and the FEI Grand Prix Freestyle competitions, which are valued at an equal level, count toward the final Individual results. The percentages of the two competitions will be added up and divided by two to obtain the final classification. The final result for each competitor will be given in the form of a percentage score. If two competitors have the same final score, the higher artistic marks in the FEI Grand Prix Freestyle will decide for the better placing.

The provisional schedule for the Olympic Games Dressage Competition is
  • August 13 - Team Grand Prix Day 1
  • August 14 - Team Grand Prix Day 2 and Team Medals
  • August 16  - Individual Qualifier Grand Prix Speciale Day 1
  • August 19  - Individual Grand Prix Freestyle Day 1 and Medals
For exact times and additional competition information, visit www.equestrian2008.org, or www.fei.org/olympics.

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