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Dressage Judges' Clinics


Ensure you register for both days if you are attending for updating/promotion requirements.
*Pre-registration and advance payment is required for all clinics. Space is limited and registration deadlines may be amended as necessary.
2016 Dressage Canada Judge Updating and Promotion Clinics

Updating Clinic 
January 16th – 17th, 2016 
Horse Council British Columbia Office - http://www.hcbc.ca/
Clinician – Cara Whitham

Updating Clinic
January 23rd -24th, 2016 
Ontario Equestrian Federation Office  - http://horse.on.ca/
Clinician – Cara Whitham

Promotion Clinic 
July 29-31, 2016 
Canadian Cup Dressage Festival, Maple Ridge, BC 
Clinician – Cara Whitham

Updating / Promotion Clinics

These clinics may be used for certification, promotion and updating to maintain current dressage judges certification requirements as outlined in the Equine Canada Rules for Dressage.

Clinics are also open to auditors, individuals interested in pursuing official certification and anyone interested in learning about the sport of dressage or the role of officials at competitions.


Education Clinics

Education clinics are offered as supplementary to the Updating / Promotion clinics; they can cover a range of relevant material. Auditors are welcome to participate. Contact Dressage Canada if you have a suggestion or request for an Dressage Judges Education clinic topic.


USEF Clinics

All Equine Canada dressage officials are required to attend an updating clinic once every three years to maintain active status. Any Equine Canada dressage judge wishing to use a USEF clinic to meet updating requirements must obtain prior approval from the Dressage Canada Officials Committee and must complete the mandatory updating examination. Note - Not all USEF Clinics will be accepted.

Judges Updating Form for USEF Clinics

All applicants for judge status or promotion of status must attend a Dressage Canada Promotion Clinic during the year in which their application is made for status or promotion