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Equine Canada's Sport Council recently formed a Working Group in response to the number of resignations experienced by Dressage Canada in 2011, in addition to ongoing problems and issues Dressage Canada has repeatedly faced.

The newly formed Working Group is tasked with reviewing the situation in Dressage Canada and to provide a report to Sport Council, including recommendations.

The working Group is comprised of the 2011 Chairs of the Olympic and Paralympic Discipline Committees, the Sport Council Athlete Representative and the Sport Council Chair:
•    Peggy Hambly - Chair, Eventing
•    Kerri McGregor - Chair, Sport Council
•    Isabel Reinertson - Chair ParaEquestrian
•    John Taylor - Chair, Jumping
•    Renee Young - Chair, Dressage
•    Colin Schmidt - Athletes Representative

The Working Group held its first meeting on January 9th, 2012 to identify a chair, discuss the issue at hand and develop a strategy for moving forward.  Peggy Hambly, Canadian Eventing Committee Chair, was unanimously voted  as Chair of the Working Group.  The strategy developed includes speaking with key individuals and representatives from stakeholder groups within the Dressage Community including but not limited to; current and past Dressage Canada Board Members, Dressage Canada Athletes Council, show organizers, owners, athletes (Olympic, Pan American, Young Riders etc.)  and Equine Canada staff.

The Working Group is working towards a deadline of January 20, 2012 to provide a report to Sport Council on its findings and recommendations.  However the Working Group recognized that this timeline may need to be extended in order to accommodate as thorough a discovery process as possible with adequate time to discuss the findings and formulate a recommendations.

The Working Group is looking forward to speaking with members of the Dressage community during this discovery process, and assisting Dressage Canada in strengthening its discipline committee.

If you would like to contact the Working Group with your views and input, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .