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Olympian and Barnmice Member Belinda Trussell Wins the GP Special at the Gold Coast Opener CDI! | Print |
January 24, 2010 - Belinda Trussell and her 10 year old gelding Anton won the Gold Coast Opener CDI Grand Prix Special with 68.25 percent this weekend.

Belinda talked with me this morning about her ride and her horse.

What were the highlights of the test?

The whole test felt so energetic and fluent. The highlights were Anton’s piaffe and his extensions at both trot and canter, which felt fantastic. My husband Mark said the extended canter looked like I was surfing a wave!

How has Anton been going generally since you got to Florida?

When I first got here he was pretty excited to be in Florida – and blowing with the Palm trees! But he settled really quickly and has been really great and such a pleasure to ride. He was really settled at the show. The facilities are fantastic, by the way - and the spectators are so nice. Really supportive and enthusiastic about the rides.

What was your feeling at the end of the test?

I just thought how much Anton was there for me every step of the way and when I saw the score, I really felt it reflected the effort of this wonderful horse.

What impresses you most about Anton?

I would say that his honesty and his willingness. Anton loves to do what he does. And if ever there would be a mistake it would only be due to miscommunication. He just has such positive energy, I am incredibly lucky to have a partner like him.

Can you tell me something about working with Robert Dover?

Robert is doing an amazing job. He worked perfectly with my coach Christilot Boylen. He helps us in such a respectful and positive way. Christilot flew in for the week to work with me in advance of the show, and Robert has been watching the training sessions for myself and the entire team. He complements our training with superb input so when Christilot had to catch a flight before the show, he warmed me up for the Special and everything went seamlessly.

Christilot has been a huge influence for my career and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. Robert’s input just adds to the outstanding support I receive.


Technical advisor Robert Dover also shared his thoughts about Belinda and the Canadian team with me following the show:

Belinda showed me that she is a super competitor and very able to focus her thoughts at a show. We spoke after her Grand Prix and I could easily see in her warm-up for the Special that she "got it". I believe that this pair is just beginning to come into their own and foresee truly great results in the future.

I was thrilled that Canada won everything; the CDI Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special, and the Grand Prix Freestyle. Ashley's performance in the Freestyle was arguably the finest test I have seen from them to date. It was so connected and gorgeous, showing absolute star quality! And the fact that Belinda won the Special with Canadian, Victoria Winter in 2nd with over 67% was almost as gratifying.

But I also want to say that all of the Canadians, even if their tests were not what they hoped for, showed great class and grace under pressure. What is evident is that most of them lack the getting out to major shows so necessary for positive growth at the highest levels. On Wednesday we will all sit down for a team meeting and work out our strategy for future training and showing so as to keep everyone's progress moving in a very positive direction.

As a sidebar, I am also very proud of Canada's champion Young Rider, Jamie Holland! 
Posted by Barbara Fogler on January 24, 2010 at 1:30pm
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