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Dressage Canada and Equine Canada Announce Sanctioned Dressage Steward Clinics in 2009 | Print |
Februrary 2, 2009 — Dressage Canada and Equine Canada are pleased to announce the following sanctioned steward clinics for 2009.

    March 7th 2009—General Stewards Clinic
      March 8th, 2009— Dressage Stewards Clinic (Price includes General Stewards Clinic)
    Ontario Equestrian Federation (Board Room),
      9120 Leslie Street, Suite 203, Richmond Hill, ON
    Margaret Murdoch and Jan Stephens
This is a terrific opportunity for stewards, and those interested in becoming a steward, to take advantage of the two-day General Stewards Clinic and Dressage Stewards clinic. Participants can then use these clinics on their application to become an Equine Canada General Steward and an Equine Canada Dressage Steward. Attending these clinics is also a great way to learn more about competition rules from two of Canada's most experienced stewards.

Margaret Murdoch (FEI Dressage and EC Senior Dressage Steward) was named in 2006 as Canada's first FEI Dressage Specific Steward General. Murdoch, a well respected FEI Steward and Dressage Specific Steward in the Ontario region, has officiated at many CDI3* and CDI-W competitions over the years. Murdoch will bring her considerable experience to the table at the Steward Clinics in 2009.

Jan Stephens (Equine Canada Senior General Steward, Medium Dressage Steward and FEI Steward for Jumping, Eventing and Reining) has been a national steward since 1975 and an FEI jumping and eventing steward since 1999.  In 2002, Stephens was elected chair of the national steward committee for Equine Canada. In 2007, she also became an FEI reining steward.  Stephens has officiated at Spruce Meadows, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and the Rolex Kentucky CCI4*.

“Margaret and I are very pleased to offer both the General Clinic and the Dressage Clinic on the same weekend, ensuring that stewards have the opportunity to get both accreditations or upgrades at the same time,” noted Stephens, who is also the FEI Steward General for Canada for jumper, reining and eventing. “We really feel it is advantageous for participants enjoying the broad scope of stewarding including hunter/jumper, breed sports and dressage. We look forward to presenting a valuable educational opportunity for everyone.”

Stewards who wish to officiate at Equine Canada sanctioned Dressage competitions must be licensed dressage stewards. Applications for Dressage Steward Status can be downloaded from equinecanada.ca/dressage.

Dressage stewards due for updating or upgrading of their dressage steward status must attend both the general and dressage clinic to complete their updating/upgrading requirements. 

All Officials are required to attend an updating clinic once every three years to maintain their status.

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