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2012-2016 Plan

2012 – 2016 STRATEGIC PLAN


Vision Statement

We are inspired and led by a future where we are a recognized world leader in Dressage.

  • In twenty years:
    Dressage Canada will be seen as world class, admired by other organizations for its leadership, innovation and fiscal stability;
  • We are a model for other National Sport Organizations;
  • Athletes, organizations and dressage enthusiasts work collaboratively to ensure the success of our organization and sport;
  • Our competitors are routinely considered amongst the best in the world achieving success at the highest levels;
  • Our sport is accessible to all and enjoyed by its’ participants at all levels to the best of their abilities.


Mission Statement

To promote, develop and grow the sport of Dressage in Canada by providing leadership, services and programs for the Dressage community from grassroots to elite by:

  • Facilitating the strongest possible international representation;
  • Ensuring the protection and support of the welfare of horses and participants throughout the sport;
  • Providing rules to govern dressage in Canada;
  • Creating a national structure for the certification or licensing of Officials, Coaches, and Competitions;
  • Encouraging interest and participation for the sport of Dressage throughout Canada by working with affiliate organizations.


Core Values:

  • Excellence – Constantly strive for excellence in all aspects of our business
  • Accountability – Respond to all stakeholders to determine requirements and deliver solutions, maintaining accountability for everything we do.
  • Collaboration – Promote an inclusive team environment, always acting in the best interest of Dressage Canada.
  • Integrity – Fair play and honesty.
  • Innovation – Forward thinking and creative problem solvers
  • Recognition – Recognize the commitment and dedication of volunteers, stakeholders and owners.
  • Funding – Endeavour to be self-supporting.

POLICY GOALS: The Four Pillars

Participation: To maximize the benefits for the individuals in the sport system. Efforts will be directed to increasing the level of active participation and continuing to foster the participants, Coaches, Officials, administrators, and volunteers. Initiatives, programs, and resources will be directed to the broadest possible sport participants. Metrics will be developed to measure sport participation.

Excellence: To stimulate pride in Canadian achievement and to promote Canadian identity at home and abroad. Canada will improve its high-performance athlete excellence. Stretch targets for international performance will be developed collaboratively to guide and direct the efforts of the entire sport community. Programs will promote the development of world-class athletes, coaches, and Officials in a sport environment characterized by the highest standards, values and ethics.

Capacity: To create an environment wherein the components necessary for the development of Dressage in Canada , be they human, financial or specific programs are available.

Interaction: That the components and partners involved are connected and work in committed collaboration for common purpose.